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Hello & Welcome.

Follow the simple guidelines for your stay here at MassPron.

This helps us all.

  • Always include a link to the content suggestions – No links = message deleted instantly.

  • Downloading with Keep2share Premium PRO will help you get the content you want before it dies – use the link below to signup.
  • Only send your suggestions once – if you have already sent a suggestion once chances are I have seen it and already added it to my list or decided it has no interest – I will not keep answering wether somebodys suggestion is in the list or not – you just have to see whats being posted

  • Keep your content suggestions to these niches and chances are they will be of interest for the site:

    • Hotwife – Amateur
    • BBC – Pro & Amateur
    • Interracial – Pro & Amateur
    • Gangbang – Pro & Amateur
    • Swingers – Amateur
    • Hardcore Latina & Ebony
    • Thots & PAWGS – Hardcore Girls only
    • Bimbos – Inked, Silicone, Botox, Pierced slutty Bimbo Chicks